Courtney Wheeler MSW Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern Port Orange Counseling

Courtney Wheeler, MSW
Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern, ISW14817

Are you looking for a safe, non-judgmental place where you can feel completely heard, process your pain and past trauma, learn effective coping skills to manage your seemingly unbearable stress, repair broken relationships, and discover hope, truth, insight, and inner strength that will enable you to live life courageously? Are you feeling broken, lost, betrayed, devastated, or beside yourself as to “why” and in need of understanding, healing, renewed faith, and direction in order to find yourself again and live the life God intended for you to live?

Courtney believes that, in this life, we have all reached this state at some point and wants to extend her helping hand, compassionate heart, unwavering faith, and wealth of counseling skills and techniques to help you work through the challenges you are facing and learn to live your best life. Courtney believes that each and every person’s life is beautiful, precious, and so much greater than the challenges they are facing and is motivated by her empathetic understanding of life‘s difficulties and genuine love for serving/helping others. As such, she utilizes a combination of faith-based and secular counseling practices in order to provide the best care to every adolescent, adult, couple, and family she serves including Biblical counseling, trauma-informed care, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, interpersonal therapy, positive psychology, and narrative therapy.

Courtney received her Master of Social Work degree from Florida State University and specializes in grief and loss, major life transitions, physical disabilities and adjustment, stress management, vision loss, family conflict, and trauma recovery. Courtney also offers a holistic health background and believes in the benefits of caring for the mind, body, and soul in order to achieve best results.